Обновление для WD TV Live

Незаметно вышло новое обновление для HD-проигрывателя WD TV Live. Довольно много исправлений, среди которых есть много давно ожидаемых функций. Установка обновленных программ прошло быстро и безболезненно. Рекомендую обновиться владельцам.

Интересен тот факт, что после почти полугодового молчания разработчики уже выпускают вторую версию обновления за две недели. Им что, увеличили финансирование?

Список обновлений под катом. Самое интересное, по моему мнению, я выделил. Ссылка на официальный сайт — там же.

Version 1.04.10_V:

Resolved Issues:

  • Supports Facebook application.
  • Supports Deezer application.
  • Supports Flingo application.
  • Supports AccuWeather application.
  • Supports USB keyboards.
  • Resolved ability to download two files simultaneously.

Version 1.03.49_V:

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved HDMI negotiation issue found in previous firmware release.
  • Resolved HDMI auto resolution selection issue.
  • Resolved HDMI Video Output — 24Hz and 50Hz modes not working.
  • Resolved HDMI screen flicker issue.
  • Resolved playback issues related to mkvmerge.
  • Improved thumbnail caching.
  • Resolved MP4 problems with seeking and audio stopping.
  • Resolved MP4 poor frame-rate and audio out of sync.
  • Resolved File Share group name – No longer requires all group names to be the same. (Reset to factory defaults required)
  • Resolved various user interface translation issues.
  • Added Mediafly application.
  • Added DVD Navigation support.
  • Added .MOV chapter support.
  • Added wireless adaptor support for ASUS USB-N13.
  • Added security when mounting a network share on password protected local drives.
  • Resolved aspect ratio issues.
  • Resolved subtitle encoding for Big 5.
  • Resolved resume remembering previous audio selection.
  • Resolved IDX +_SUB positioning issue causing video freeze.
  • Resolved PGS subtitle becoming frozen while using the delay function.
  • Resolved Network share intermittent detection issue.
  • Resolved undetectable 4TB My Book.
  • Resolved large capacity video file (.ts) unable to play issue.
  • Resolved DVR-MS video stops when fast forward at 6x.
  • Resolved Buffalo G300N not enumerating.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 3
Version 1.02.21:

Resolved Issues:

  • Added Play To support for Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Added external subtitle location options (Up/Down arrows).
  • Added larger subtitle font size options.
  • Added Western European language input for keyboard.
  • Added serial and part number to About page.
  • Added support for embedded subtitles in mpg files.
  • Added new category in Photo/Video to view by date.
  • Added a field in network settings for changing the workgroup name.
  • Added ability to play a video from the preview window without restarting.
  • Added username/password feature for SAMBA security.
  • Added Wireless LAN strength bar in Network info page.
  • Changed default browsing by date to start with the latest files first.
  • Changed video browse default to Preview mode instead of Thumbnail mode.
  • Corrected several language translations issues.
  • Resolved Cover-Art issue with folder.jpg & file.jpeg
  • Resolved slow to source MKV files over network share.
  • Resolved issues with external subtitle sync adjustment (Right/Left arrows).
  • Resolved abnormal display of BMP photos through a media server.
  • Resolved audio channel information showing up in AutoPlay mode.
  • Resolved Blu-ray ISO subtitles not displaying throughout video playback.
  • Resolved Blu-ray slow playback across SAMBA.
  • Resolved camera files not enumerating correctly in mass storage.
  • Resolved login issue with SAMBA after exiting screen saver.
  • Resolved DVR-MS black screen problem on resume after fast-forward and rewind.
  • Resolved external SUB/IDX subtitles flashbacking issue.
  • Resolved playback across media server failures.
  • Resolved hard drive icon from disappearing in the video list under preview mode.
  • Resolved issue of HDMI becoming jittery after long-time play.
  • Resolved M4V files not supporting fast-forward and rewind.
  • Resolved manual network addressing issue.
  • Resolved missing shuffle & repeat icon for slideshow within Flickr.
  • Resolved music search not displaying playlist names.
  • Resolved network devices (SAMBA) disappearing without warning.
  • Resolved PTP issue of unsupported video file formats DX6490, DIMAGE Z2 & X1, Optio555, and DMC-FX2.
  • Resolved Sony Walkman not showing photos within directory.
  • Resolved unsupported file formats not showing an error message.
  • Resolved video playback overscan issue for CRT TVs.

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware Release Notes 4

  • Resolved WIFI Belkin F6D4050 with RAlink 3070 chip, and Linksys WUSUB100 Ver 2.
  • Resolved WIFI ZyXel NWD-270N dongle not enumerating.

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